Great Ugandans is an audacious project to document the other side of Uganda’s high achievers in different industries, sectors and areas of life. You could call it the A-list of Ugandans who’ve beaten all the odds to make big impacts on this society.

We set out to unwrap them, deconstruct the things that make them, them. What are their life philosophies? What are their routines? Do they have morning routines? How have they handled failure? How do they deal with life’s challenges? How do they break down the barriers that hold back many? What are their mental models, life rules and principles? We interview them on the three big areas of life, wealth, health and relationships? We try to get into their minds, we try to see the inner them in ways they themselves have not thought about before?

There are a number of metrics upon which we arrive at these personalities that we call; “Great Ugandans.” Each of these individuals is passed through a filter. Their lives are researched to the core to ascertain that there are no fuzzy areas that would compromise such a timeless project.

Think of Great Ugandans as a rare opportunity to learn from the best in Uganda. Our interviews transcend the ordinary realm, they are the kind that you will continuously keep coming to. These interviews take on a life of their own.

“In the process of interviewing these people we’ll try to suss out what are the critical few things versus the trivial many. What are the 20% of tactics, philosophies, or principles that they use to get 80% of the results they’ve had? There should be a lot of actionable bits hidden in there, or not so hidden in there, for you to use in your life or at least to inspire you. It will range from tactics to strategies to philosophies to motivations that they use to become the best in the world.”—Tim Ferriss

We break down the habits, tools, routines, tactics, and methods of these high achievers. We want you to read these interviews, pause and begin to think differently. We want you to appreciate the paths they’ve taken and how the dots have connected in their lives. We want you to map their stories so that you could map your own life story and do something worth remembering. We want you to face your biggest fears. We want you to do that which you intended out to do…

And we hope that one day, you too, could earn that badge of a Great Ugandan…