Yoga is a a holistic exercise for the body, mind, soul and one’s entire existence. These and many such lessons were broken down by Cissy Nansera, a Ugandan yoga practitioner aka yogi, a travel enthusiast, and a blogger at the Ethereal Outlook blog. Here are her 10 Great Lessons.

  1. Everyone has their own special relationship with yoga. My relationship with yoga might not be your relationship with yoga. But once you get started and you understand how beneficial that practice is. Because it is not just physical, like you are going to do a headstand. All those things are impressive to look at but then as someone who does yoga, the fact that you can work out and not just the work out the body, but also work out the mind. It calms your mind if you are suffering from anxiety or you are stressed, yoga helps you relax, sleep better in the night and then once you start seeing those benefits that go beyond the physical appearance, no one can take that away from you.
  2. Yoga is not an escape from your responsibilities. Let me say you have a responsibility, you have to go to work but at the same time, you have to take time out and eat food. So that’s the same for yoga. Take time out and relax your mind. Keep company with your mind. Rejuvenate yourself. And strengthen your body.
  3. I also love reading so much. Because I believe that is how you educate yourself. I love reading biographies, Steve Jobs is my favourite. Then I love reading fiction. So I would tell people; “please those habits, take.” Have your affirmations and mantras on your mirrors, read books because that is how you learn, educate yourself and then drink a lot of water.
  4. Like I said before, my favourite quote or mantra or affirmation is; “I know what I want and I know what I need to do to get it.”
  5. My blog is called; “Ethereal Outlook.” I called it “ethereal outlook” because for me simplicity is the ultimate sophistication like Steve Jobs said. And ethereal beauty is something that is really simple, a bit delicate.
  6. I really wanted to do my first split so badly that I forced my legs to go further and in yoga you are not supposed to do that. Then I had my hip muscle sprained. It has been a while but then it finally healed. It taught me to always trust the process and not just in yoga but in everything I do in life. Follow the process, trust it, be patient and things will happen.
  7. I keep the word perfect out of my vocabulary. There is no such thing as perfect. Unless you describe perfect as ‘perfect imperfections.’
  8. First of all, fear is always there. Everyone should understand this. Fear is something we live with. Fear is going to be next to you in your bed. Embrace it. Be scared. Be very, very scared. Don’t let that fear go away from you. Once that fear is gone, are you even going to do it? Is it even a thing worth doing if there isn’t that intensity of the fear? Embrace that fear. But understand, be disciplined, be grounded. Understand that “yes I am scared” but I have to do it. And I have to. And you are lucky. You have this one life, you get to live another day, not everyone does.
  9. The way I would describe or define successful is: achieving your pure intentions. A pure intention is something you set yourself out to do from the bottom of your heart. And something that comes from the heart is never with hate. The heart never hates. When you are angry at someone and upset with feelings of hate, that has nothing to do with your heart. That is maybe your mind.
  10. My life philosophy is simple. You have this moment right now. This moment is your life. Be present in this moment. That’s my philosophy. Be present, live in the moment.