Kenneth Mugayehwenkyi first made news as Uganda’s walking man. He walked over 400 kilometres from Kabale to Mukono to raise awareness about issues of the elderly in Uganda. As we speak, through his organisation, he looks after 1000 and more grandmothers in Uganda and has built two hospitals. He organised the first of its kind, Grandmothers’ Gathering in Uganda. Great Ugandans caught up with him for an interview and here’s a summary of what we took from it:

  1. The things we need are not very many. And if somebody has a dream or a desire to meet a dream, what they should do after University or even throughout their lives is to build Trust. Spend all your time, building one thing, Trust. Being trusted. Be honest, be trusted. If you can do that, your dream will come.
  2. Always pursue excellence for the things over which you have control. You have control on trust, on time management, on hard work. Choose to be excellent on these things. They will propel you to the next stage.
  3. Lower your expectations, separate what you need from what you want. Once you know the difference, life becomes easier and it helps you to focus on what really matters. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you need it.
  4. Success to me is to deal with the issues that are at hand from the position you are in. You can be successful as long as you are dealing with the issues at hand from the position you are in. If you are a cleaner, become the best cleaner. That is success.
  5. Your number one responsibility in life is to find your purpose. Everything else is hinged on this. Your purpose will determine your core values. And to find that purpose is not a miraculous thing that happens to you in a dream overnight. I think it is to watch your strengths in terms of skill, your education, and the opportunities that come unto your way and see if there is a trend. And see where when you put your effort and you succeed.
  6. The greatest mistake most people make is to think short-term. As Naval Ravikant says, it takes 10 years to be an overnight success. It takes 10 years to build a career. Think long-term. That is enough to separate you from the crowd. Don’t be in a rush, the world is not going anywhere.
  7. Happiness does not come from wealth. It comes from the simplest of things.
  8. Be generous with your wealth. Such simple acts compound. Generosity is a value upon which strong foundations are hinged.
  9. Hard work or judgement? Both are crucial. “Judgement is good but then you have to use it to apply it to some productive activity. There are so many smart people that I meet and I wish I can have that brain. But they don’t work. They just think. But all their thinking is useless in my opinion. They don’t apply that thinking to a productive activity. So Judgement is necessary and so is hard work.”
  10. Try to live a disciplined life. If you can first discipline yourself, it will be easy to discipline other areas of your life. In the words of Jordan Peterson; “clean your room everyday.”